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Defining company strategy

In my experience, most companies in our industry do not have a defined strategy at all. The companies have not defined their own strengths and weaknesses. There is also no clear vision of how the company will look like in five years time. I have experience in defining the strategy and drawing up a development plan to implement it.

Productivity Projects and Benchmarking

Measuring performance is a prerequisite for a successful improve-ment plan. The old saying is; knowledge brings pain. By comparing your own indicators with other comparable companies, you can easily set goals and set up a development project. I have decades of experience in measuring and improving productivity. Now this experience is available to you.


In many respects, large investments are crucial to the development of a company. A successful investment can take a company to a new level, while a failed investment can, in the worst case, lead to a company's bankruptcy. For these reasons, an investment should always be defined as a dedicated project. I have extensive experience in investment projects. Make the most of this experience!

Working period-design

Collective labor agreements in Finland, for printing workers have been heavily criticized for their short working hours. However, the agreement offers quite extensive opportunities to schedule shifts to meet real demand. By exploiting these opportunities, overtime and lack of work periods can be minimized. Contact me if you feel that there is room for improvement in shift planning.

Lean activity

Finnish Lean Association:

The ability to solve problems is the skill and courage to identify the major obstacles to development and to quickly identify and implement new solutions. Problem solving is not secret science.

The Lean philosophy is a way of thinking in which the problem-solving skills of organizations and staff are systematically developed. What matters is not the pace, but the determined, continuous movement towards the goals.

The development of the business is a long-term, respectful and appreciated cooperation between all parties.


With Lean, your business can also be taken to a new level of profitability. Contact me to learn more.


Many entrepreneurs in our field have to work quite alone when considering bigger decisions for a company. Often the board of a company is made up of a few family members or acquaintances who may not have the expertise in the field. Often, when considering company policies, the only outside parties are the equipment and material vendors.

The use of an external, independent professional as a discussion partner and advisor is definitely worth the effort.

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