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Why use GrafCon services?


Competition in the graphic industry has long been fierce. Demand for traditional print products is declining. Competition between companies in the industry is not limited to companies in their own country, but today the competition is truly international. However, many companies in the industry have shown success year after year. I have for years been following the development of our business, and I have a strong vision and extensive understanding of factors that help the company's profitability to improve.


In most companies, management is pretty much alone when it comes to developing the business. It may also be that the company board does not have the appropriate expertise to support day-to-day management and the development. In such situations, I can bring new ideas to the company and support and comment on the management in putting their own plans into practice.


There are times when the own resources of the company are not enough to complete a project. However, there is no justification for hiring a new manpower for a fixed-term project. In such a situation, using an outside consultant is the right solution.


I have for years spoken of and written of the need to fix our corporate structure. In the future, it will not be possible to act as the universal printer of the region that provides all the services in our industry. Most companies have one or a few products / services that are quite competitive and several others that destroy the result. By networking with other companies in the industry, or buying or selling parts of business, you can make a real leap forward. I know very well our business field, and I have been involved in several business transactions as a background expert.


In the good old days, exceptionally long holiday periods were agreed on in our industry collective agreements. At the time, this was made possible by the high profitability of publishing and the good printing prices of publishing products. Now, however, short annual working hours have become a burden on our industry. However, the collective agreement allows for a relatively free positioning of the working hours in the annual calendar. I know the Finnish collective agreement well and also have solid practical experience with different working time models that can help minimize the disadvantages of short working hours.

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