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GrafCon Ltd. Expert support for graphic companies.

Introducing the consultant

I am a professional with a master degree in graphic arts and production engineering.  After retiring from my daily work I decided to continue to work for the benefit of the printing industry. Almost forty years of extremely interesting and challenging days had passed, but I am not ready for real retirement yet.


I have worked in managerial positions in production for about 30 years in one of our country's largest heatset weights. After my studies I started in 1979 at Sanoma Corporation's magazine printing house, which in 1999 merged with Hansaprint.


From the summer of 2008, I worked as the director of the Federation of the Finnish printing industry. During this time, I learned about companies in our branch extensively. I actively studied the business of companies and analyzed the success factors of different companies. I also served as editor-in-chief of the magazine Painomaailma / Print & Media. I was also an active member of Intergraf, the European branch organization. 


After I retired in the spring of 2018, I established a consulting firm, through which I support not only domestic companies but also other Nordic and Baltic companies in developing their operations.


I am highly networked both nationally and internationally. I am a member of NOPA (Nordic Offset Printing Association) and a member of its board. I am also a member of the Finnish Lean association.


In addition to consulting work, I also actively work as a landscape photographer and provide an fine art photo printing service. My special interest in photography is black and white. In black and white image printing technology, I use a method inkjet printing is done with inks that in stead of different color pigments uses inks with pigments of different shades of gray.  This technology produces exceptionally richly toned and detailed fine art photographs. Printing fine art color photographs is also part of my service offering. For more information, see my work and print service at


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